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Tips to Distinguish Confusing Words

Some words in the English language can look or sound similar, but have very different meanings. Here are some examples with suggested mnemonic devices for helping to remember the differences.

Pray vs Prey

To "pray" is to speak to a deity. To "prey" is to hunt, or it is a noun meaning the object of a hunt. Remember that "prey" has an "e" because it gets eaten.

Eminent vs Immanent vs Imminent

"Eminent" is famous or well-respected. "Immanent" means inherent or intrinsic. "Imminent" means about to take place. Eminem is an eminent rapper. Manes are "immanent" to lions.

Disburse vs Disperse

"Disburse" means to distribute money while to "disperse" means to distribute anything else. Remember that if you are talking about anything financial to use "disburse."


"Data" comes from Latin and means "bits of information." The "bits" part of the definition means that it is plural. "These data are intriguing," may sound odd, but it is correct. If you are referring to one piece of information, the singular form is "datum."

Hear vs Here

There is an "ear" in "hear" because it means to listen. "Here" is 80% of "where" to represent a place.

Principal vs Principle

A "principal" is the head of an organization or the first and most important. A "principle" is a fundamental belief. The "principal" is your "pal," or is she?

Ascent vs Assent

"Ascent" come from the verb "ascend" and means to climb. "Assent" means agreement. To tell them apart, remember that when you climb a mountain, you get a "scent" of fresh air.

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