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If you've heard of the summer slide but don't know much about it, this post can help you stay informed so that you can prevent it more easily.

The Importance of Summer Learning

Although most students are looking for a break from learning during their summer vacation, this can be bad news. Taking a complete break from everything academic can put your child at a serious disadvantage in their future academic endeavors. To find out more about why summer learning is so important, keep reading.

The Effects of a Long Summer Break

Students in the United States who attend schools that follow a traditional academic calendar are given a summer break that is quite long. Unfortunately, this leaves the majority of them at risk for the summer slide. Since most parents continue to work full time during the summer, their children are often left unsupervised for a large part of the day. Most children will take advantage of this free time to do the things they like, which usually don't include anything academic. Because technology has put so much within reach, it makes it easy to choose games and social media over reading a book. A summer spent without academic stimulation will most certainly lead to a serious learning loss.

Learning Loss Effects Are Long Lasting

Because a learning loss happens quite quickly and without much work, many think recuperating this lost information is just as easy. However, the reality is much different. Students who return to school after losing a good deal of previously learned lessons will need weeks if not months to recuperate that information. Even then, some of the effects of a learning loss can be long lasting. Students who suffer losses every summer will struggle more each year. These losses will accumulate and affect their academic growth. Many of these students will start to perform below their grade level and have a lower chance of attending college. To prevent the long lasting effects of the summer slide, use these creative ideas to keep your child active.

The Summer Slide Affects All Areas

Even if your child is quite fond of a subject, if they don't put their knowledge to practice over the summer they can still lose information. The area most commonly affected by a summer learning loss is math. Teachers already have a hard enough time keeping students up to state math standards. After the summer break, they may struggle even more. Students who don't read over the summer commonly experience a decrease in their reading level. Without any academic stimulation, all areas are at risk of being negatively affected.

Time Wasted Catching Up

If your child returns to school after an unproductive summer, they may find themselves learning new lessons while also trying to relearn those they lost over the summer. It goes without saying that this puts them at a major disadvantage. For teachers, this means valuable class time has to be spent re-teaching the previous year's lessons in order assure all of their students are able to keep up. Most teachers will end up spending about four to six weeks trying to reteach a whole year's worth of lessons. Even then, there is no guarantee that all students will be able to catch up in such a short time period. Help your child hold on to their school lessons with the help of a tutor. For the best tutoring programs around, contact The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ. Be sure to ask about their academic programs and how these can help your child return to school ready to move forward. Give them a call at (732) 419- 3813 to learn more.

Parents Are the Key

As a parent, you hold a tremendous amount of power over how your child spends their summer break. You can enroll your child in summer programs, such as tutoring, summer school, or even summer day camp. Summer learning is also possible at home. Set the right example by reading daily with your child or sitting down to do some of your own homework, such as balancing your finances or writing letters. Encourage your child to take on their own summer projects that will keep them academically active.

Look for Resources

If you're not sure where to look for summer learning opportunities in your community, give your child's school a call. Schools can often help link you to programs within the school or community that promote summer learning. Most local libraries also host summer reading programs that offer incentives for children. These are often free and can help your child develop a love for reading.

Create Learning Opportunities

Learning opportunities at home are quite easy to find, you just have to be a bit creative. For example, you can get your child to practice their math skills during a shopping trip or as you cook together. While shopping, have your child calculate the price of items after applying a discount and have them figure out the total price of all your items. In the kitchen, they can help you divide a recipe, weigh items, and measure ingredients. If you're planning to travel this summer, have your child practice their writing abilities through journaling. Their journal can turn into a great memory book that also serves an academic purpose. For a more traditional learning approach, head online and look for printable worksheets. These are available for all subjects and at all levels, so you can be sure you'll find the right worksheets for your child's abilities. To fight off the summer slide at home, use these pro tips.

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