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Being able to remember the lessons learned in class is a crucial ability that students must have if they want to succeed academically. Still, retaining all of that information can be a challenging endeavor. This is why, it’s advised that you use certain mnemonic techniques to help you recollect what you’ve been taught. If you’d like a few tips on which mnemonic devices you can use, continue reading the post below. 

How to Employ Mnemonic Devices


If you have an auditory learning style, then creating a song to help you remember your school lessons could work best for you. An example of this is the extremely popular “ABC” song, which helps you memorize the order of the letters in the alphabet, particularly useful for young children.


Take the first letter or syllable in a word and form a new word or phrase. The wackier the phrase, the easier it’ll be to remember. For instance: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally for the order of math operations: parentheses, exponents, multiply, divide, add and subtract.


This is basically relating the information that you need to learn with other data that you already know. For example, if you need to learn that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, think that “bells and telephones ring”.


If you’re more of a kinesthetic learner then you should look for ways to use your body or sense of touch to assimilate your academic material. A common example of this is using your knuckles to help you remember how many days are in each month.


Finally, if you’re a person that learns better through images, colors, shapes and spatial arrangements, then you can use drawing as a mnemonic device. You can draw an iceberg in the ocean on a cloudy day to represent the 3 states of water.

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