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Figure Out Your Child's Learning Style With Tutoring Near Franklin Park

Difficult school lessons can often be a challenge for most children to absorb. To make the process easier and more efficient, figure out a way to appeal to your child's learning style. If you're unsure of what your child's learning style is, The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park has some tips to help you get started.

Understand the 7 Main Learning Styles

While there are a great variety of learning styles and techniques, there are seven widely recognized main styles. Keep in mind that it is possible for your child to display characteristics from more than one learning style and may even display a couple of learning styles.

Auditory Learning

The auditory learning style may be one of the most recognized when discussing methods of learning. Auditory learners are better able to retain information when they listen to it rather than read it. Generally, auditory learners are great listeners and perform better on assignments where listening is required. Oral exams, responding to lectures and listening to speeches are areas where auditory learners tend to feel more comfortable and where they will perform better. To help your child successfully prepare for exams and complete assignments, encourage them to record lectures and notes that they can listen to and use as a study tool. Videos that contain important information are also a great study tool.

Visual Learning

Visual learning is another highly recognized learning style. Visual learners absorb information better when it is visually displayed. For a visual learner, graphs, tables, videos and images will be more effective as study tools. Effective study methods for visual learners include color coding notes, drawing diagrams and creating outlines. Videos that highlight important information are also a great tool. Encourage your visual learner to sit at the front of the classroom in order to cut out visual distractions.

Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic or tactile learners prefer to take a hands-on approach when it comes to learning. Allowing your kinesthetic learner to use their sense of touch while studying or doing homework will be more effective. It's normal for kinesthetic learners to have a hard time sitting still, so allow your child to move around while studying. Prepare hands-on material when studying for tests or getting through tough assignments. Practicing math problems with sidewalk chalk or using flashcards to review information are two ways to encourage learning in your kinesthetic learner. If your child is in need of extra academic support, keep in mind that The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park offers great academic programs and one-to-one tutoring that are sure to help your child succeed academically. If your child needs tutoring services or help with test preparation, give us a call at (732) 419- 3813 to schedule your free consultation!

Verbal Learning

As the name suggests, verbal learners perform better when words are involved. They prefer to use words to communicate, whether in writing or speech. Oftentimes, verbal learners will enjoy reading and will develop advanced vocabularies. They enjoy expressing their opinions aloud and learn better by discussing information with others. To help your verbal learner study and absorb information better, have them recite information aloud as they study and encourage the use of mnemonic devices.

Logical Learning

Logical learners can be seen as the opposite of verbal learners since they are often also known as mathematical learners. A logical learner will focus on understanding the reasons behind a solution. They will try to apply logic to all situations, even those that aren't logical, in order to understand the outcome. Logical learners are better able to identify patterns within sequences and understand relationships between objects. To help your logical learner, encourage them to create to-do lists and identify patterns in their study material.

Social Learning

A social learner is exactly what the name suggests: someone who learns better in a group setting. Social learners benefit from group study sessions where they are able to share their knowledge and listen to others. They learn better when they can share their ideas and receive useful feedback from their peers. Allow your child to work with or study with at least one other person in order to encourage more effective learning.

Solitary Learners

Solitary learners are the opposite of social learners, they absorb information better when working alone. They tend to be more independent and do better when they have space to internally reflect on the information they are learning. A solitary learner will often internalize information and create personal connections with that information. Encouraging your child to form connections with the information they are studying will help them excel. Be sure to provide them with a quiet work area that allows them to concentrate.

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The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park is happy to offer academic support for all students. Whether your child needs help completing their homework or developing better study habits, The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park is here to help! We have academic programs focused on reading, writing, math, and test preparationContact us at (732) 419- 3813 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.


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