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How to Help Your Child Stay Motivated Throughout the School Year in South Brunswick Township

Once the cold winter weather starts to fade away and make way for warmer spring and summer days, your child may quickly jump into vacation mode. Once your child can see the finish line, they may slowly start to lose interest in school and other academic activities they participate. To help your child stay interested in their academics and performing well all year, The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park has some tips to help your child stay motivated.

Praise Your Child's Work

A child is more likely to be interested in their work and do their best to perform well if they get positive feedback. Be sure to let your child know that they're doing a good job as they complete their homework and study for exams. Celebrate high scores on important tests and display their work around the house. If you get positive feedback from your child's teacher regarding their classroom behavior let your child know you are proud of them. Even if your child doesn't get the ideal results on an assignment, give them praise for their hard work and do your best to help them on the next one. You can even start a rewards system at home that will surely give them something to work towards.

Set High Standards

Setting low standards for your child's academic performance will communicate to your child that they can do the minimum amount of work with minimum effort. A great way to keep your child motivated to do their best is by setting high standards for their work. Let your child know that you expect the best from them because you know they are capable of it. Avoid putting too much stress on your child by demanding too much of them. If you notice your child is getting stressed out by their work and exams, offer to help them study and complete assignments. They will feel the extra support and feel more motivated.

Track Your Child's Progress

It's likely that your child has, at least, one subject they struggle with. These difficult to master subjects are often the areas where children tend to lose motivation and slack off more quickly. To keep your child motivated and excited to improve, track their progress. Sit down with your child and create short term goals and long term goals in the subjects they struggle with. As they complete these goals, they will be able to see how much progress they're making. Instead of feeling like they're not grasping anything, they'll be motivated by the amount of progress they've made. If your child needs extra help completing their homework or preparing for exams, The Tutoring Center in South Brunswick Township offers great academic programs and one-to-one tutoring that are sure to help your child succeed academically. If you're looking for great tutoring services near South Brunswick Township, give us a call at (732) 419- 3813 to schedule your free consultation!

Make the Work Relatable

When there is a disconnect between the student and the work they're completing, it can be hard to keep them interested. Incorporate real life situations and examples in their lessons in order to help them relate. If your child is learning basic math and is a toy car enthusiast, use your child's collection of cars to demonstrate the basics of arithmetic. For older children, using current events or even celebrity scandals in examples can help keep them interested.

Plan Field Trips

While we often associate learning and studying with the image of someone sitting at a desk with a pile of work in front of them, there are plenty of alternative activities that can turn into great learning tools. Taking your child on a trip to a museum is a great way to get them outdoors and learning. If your child is struggling to stay motivated in a history or science lesson, look for exhibits at local museums that can help them learn the material utilizing interactive methods. If your child is just learning to write, take them outside with some sidewalk chalk or modeling clay and give them a new way to practice forming letters. Give your child a break from their regular methods and find creative outdoor alternatives to keep them motivated.

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