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How to Put an End to Procrastination

If your child often gets stuck in the cycle of procrastinating and then cramming or rushing to finish assignments at the last minute, follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ to help them get their work done on time.

Create a To-Do List

If your child has a large pile of work and studying to do, they may have a hard time figuring out where to get started. Help your child get organized by creating a list of all the things they need to get done. Sort this list out by the date each assignment needs to be completed so that they have an easier time prioritizing. Once they have a well-organized to-do list, your child will have an easier time getting started and completing their work on time. Encourage your child to cross off assignments from their list once they are completed. Not only will this allow them to see their progress, but it will also help them stay motivated.

Break Down Large Assignments

Procrastination can be a defense mechanism used by students who are overwhelmed by large and intimidating assignments. If you notice your child has a large project they need to turn in soon but haven't gotten started on it, help them out by breaking down this task. Sit down with your child and figure out what needs to be done so that you can break down one large project into smaller, easier to manage portions. Create a list of all the parts that need to get done and have your child take one at a time. Being able to see their progress will help them keep going and finish with minimal stress.

Take it One Step at a Time

If your child has homework assignments to complete, exams to study for, projects to present, and presentations to prepare, it's easy to see how they can get overwhelmed. This is especially true if your child is trying to complete multiple tasks at one time. If they're shifting from task to task without actually completing anything, their stress levels can become overwhelming. All of this can lead a child to put off doing their work until they absolutely have to. To help your child keep their stress under control and their motivation strong, encourage them to take on one task at a time. Remind them that all other assignments are off limits until they complete the one they're working on. If your child can use extra academic support this school year, why not enroll them in tutoring classes in Franklin Park NJ? To find out more about the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ, give them a call at (732) 419- 3813. Don't forget to schedule your free consultation!

Take Care of the Harder Tasks First

Most children will take on the easiest tasks first because they can breeze through them. However, this leaves them with the hardest tasks at the end of the day when they're probably feeling tired and overworked. Feeling tired and being faced with a tough assignment can cause your child to decide to put it off for another time. Avoid having this happen by encouraging your child to tackle the hardest assignments first so that they're left with the easier ones at the end. Even if they're tired, having easier assignments to complete after a long day will be much more manageable.

Make Your Intentions Public

Publicly announcing your intentions to complete anything is a great way to stay motivated and actually do it, especially when others periodically check in on your progress. Encourage your child to post their goals on their social media accounts in order for them to stay motivated and committed. If their friends are consistently checking in on their progress, your child will feel much more obligated to complete their assignments rather than putting them off.

Give Yourself Time for Breaks

Taking on a large to-do list full of assignments and studying can be quite tiring for your child's brain and your body. After a long period of sitting and focusing on academic work, your child will need a break. Help them stay motivated and alert by allowing them short breaks for snacking, physical activity, and general downtime. Reward your child with a break after they complete something on your to-do list, just remember to set a time limit for their breaks. If there are no time limits a break can turn into a full day activity.

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