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Getting your child ready for preschool can seem like a huge challenge for parents. Luckily, The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park has tons of tips to help your child be as prepared as possible for this step.

Essential Tips to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

There can be a lot of stress around preschool because it's a student's first step into their academic journey. On top of this, many parents may feel concerned that their child isn't quite ready for it. To ensure your child is prepared to take on preschool successfully, use these tips to get them prepared.

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Practice Independence

For many parents, concerns about their child's independence can stop them from enrolling their child in preschool. If this is the case in your home, you can have your child taking care of specific tasks all on their own. Teach them to put on their shoes and tie them, get them in the habit of hanging their coat at the door upon entering the home, and have them get used to leaving their backpack in the same space every day. It's also essential that they learn to wash their hands all of their own to take care of themselves at school.

Play Pretend School With Your Child

In order to get your child accustomed to certain school activities, play school at home. You can take on the role of the teacher and guide your child through everyday preschool activities. This will help them lose some of the stress they may be feeling while also learning appropriate classroom behavior. You can take turns playing different roles, including the teacher, a fellow student, a parent, and even your own child.

Read Books About Preschool

Chances are your read to your child at home, so why not use this time to introduce preschool to them? Look for children's books that touch on the subject of entering school so that you can introduce preschool through these sorts of stories. Your child can learn about what happens at school, who else will be there, and what they can expect from their teacher. This can ease some worries and will allow them to ask questions they may have. Be sure to answer these honestly and maintain a positive attitude, so your child knows they have plenty to look forward to.

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Practice Writing and Cutting

Once your child is feeling mentally prepared for school, you'll need to make sure they also have specific skills down. For example, developing basic motor skills will help them make their way through preschool with ease. Start by teaching your child how to hold a pencil and have them practice writing. As they practice, holding the pencil and maneuvering it will get easier, allowing them to make progress in their writing. Similarly, teach your child the correct way to hold scissors. Once they have this down, they can practice snipping different materials to get comfortable with using this tool. Once they master this, write a line down a sheet of paper and have them practice cutting on the line. You can make it progressively more challenging by having them follow a line that curves or that isn't straight.

Identify Basic Items

While your child will be learning some basics in preschool, it's also important that you start these lessons at home. Identifying colors, letters, and shapes are good lessons to introduce at home with fun games. You can play games like I Spy to have your child identify objects around the house by their color or shape. Practice the alphabet as well and point out letters in surroundings to get your child comfortable identifying them. For more advanced practice, teach them to write their name and sound it out.

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