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For students, a class presentation can lead to lots of stress. Unfortunately, this can negatively affect your child's presentation and grade. Help your child prepare a great with these simple tips.

How to Prepare an Effective Presentation

Class presentations can be the source of tons of stress and anxiety for students. Unfortunately for them, all of this negative energy can cause their presentation to not go as smooth as they'd like. To overcome these feelings of stress, help your child prepare a great presentation that they'll be eager to share. Use these tips to help them create their best presentation yet.

Give the Presentation Structure

Similar to an essay, your child's presentation should have a structure that is easier to follow. Instead of jumping right into their main points, remind your child to start their presentation with an introduction. In cases where they are presenting to an audience that doesn't know them, they can start by quickly introducing themselves. They can then move onto introducing their topic and a thesis if needed. Once they've given a quick overview, they can jump into their main points. This is where they can get into details that get their points across. Finally, your child should close with a conclusion. Rather than suddenly ending their presentation, your child should spend a couple of minutes tying everything together. They should also be prepared to take questions from the audience.

Learn the Presentation

In order for a presentation to be engaging, it also has to be visually appealing. If your child will be using a visual aid, help them get it right. To start, if they will be using slides to present information, keep the text on these to a minimum. You want to avoid having your child read the information from the slides to the class. Instead, your child should learn the information and only display key points on their slides. Using infographics, charts, and graphs is also a great way to present information that your child can explain further vocally. This will allow your child to talk to their audience and engage them rather than just reading to them and boring them.

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Grab the Audience's Attention

Giving a presentation that no one is paying attention to is never encouraging. To help your child really grab their audience's attention, help them work on their presence. The way your child presents themselves in front of their audience can help them get their attention and maintain it throughout their presentation. Work on helping your child build up their confidence so that they can stand tall in front of the class. Remind them not to hide behind a desk or a podium and instead use the space they're given to move around confidently. Your child should look at their audience and make eye contact with audience members. It's also a good idea to ask questions every once in a while to keep them on their toes.

Voice Practice

If your child is nervous during their presentation, their voice can give them away. Before their presentation day, help your child work on their presentation voice. Start off by ensuring your child speaks loud enough for everyone in the classroom to hear them without shouting. Next up, work on speaking at the right speed. Students who are nervous will tend to speed through their presentation so that they can get it done as fast as possible. Remind your child to slow down, after all, they want their audience to learn something. Finish off by teaching your child to use inflections to emphasize important parts of their presentation. If a certain person is an important historical figure or a certain date is important to remember, make these points stand out by emphasizing them when they are spoken.

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