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Simple Ways to Take Notes That Work for You

Note-taking is an important and useful skill all students must develop. Taking proper notes can make a huge difference when studying for a test or reviewing material for an assignment. Unfortunately, note-taking strategies are rarely taught in the classroom. For this reason, The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park has some tips to help your child develop better note taking strategies.

Prepare Your Materials

In order to take proper notes that will be helpful in the future, being prepared with the right materials will make a huge difference. Keep in mind that writing notes down on paper has been proven to be a better retention method than typing them on a computer. Go to class prepared with a notebook, pens, pencils, an eraser. Don't forget to take your glasses to class with you and pick a spot in the classroom that will allow you to see better.

Improve Listening Skills

Taking effective notes requires that you pay attention in class and listen to your teacher. Choose a spot in the classroom that will limit distractions from friends and other classmates. Put your phone away in order to avoid being tempted to open incoming messages. Attentively listen to your teacher and make sure you understand what they're saying before writing things down. Understanding the information will help ensure you learn it instead of just writing down things that will confuse you later while reviewing your notes.

Personalize Your Notes

Not everyone has the same system for effective note-taking. Find a style and method that works well for you. You can try using different colored pens or highlighters to identify important terms. Using abbreviations or develop a system of symbols that can help you save time while writing down notes. Whatever method works for you and helps you retain information better will make studying easier and more effective.

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