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 The importance of reading in your children’s life can’t be overstated as this skill enhances cognitive functions such as memory and attention that are crucial in the learning process. Plus literacy is related to better economic and career aspirations. That’s why at The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park we would like to tell you about some ideas that can engage your children in this wonderful activity. 

Visit the Library

Your children will find in the library the genre and stories they like, that’s why you should allow them to choose their books by themselves.  If they are having trouble deciding, you can ask the librarian for a recommendation. Keep in mind that some libraries will have summer activities available.

Have Reading Material at Home

You should have reading material at reachable places around your home, as this will trigger their curiosity. Now that school is over, your children will have plenty of free time so you should allow them to read whenever they want. Also, praising their efforts is great, just be careful to use rewards as an incentive to read, instead try giving books as gifts. 

Get Involved 

Your children will tend to mimic your behaviors and you can use this to motivate them to read, so you should become a reader yourself. Make sure to ask them questions about the stories they are reading, which will excite them about their books. 

Remember that your children should perform certain academic activities during summer to keep their brains stimulated, otherwise this can lead to learning losses. Also, this summer is the perfect opportunity to improve your children’s reading comprehension, so be sure to read our guide on this topic.   

Tutoring in Franklin Park

Keep in mind that summer tutoring is a great chance to help your children strengthen their struggle areas and fill in any learning gaps, this way they are ready for the next academic year. If you are looking for tutoring in Franklin Park, think about The Tutoring Center. Call (732) 419-3813 to schedule a free consultation.


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