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Studying, reading and doing homework require certain conditions in order for you to focus and do them effectively. It goes without saying that it can be increasingly difficult to work on them if you’re uncomfortable, distracted or don’t have the necessary supplies. With this in mind, this post can work as a checklist you can go through to create the perfect studying conditions.

How to Create the Right Study Environment

Think About the Light

More often than not, you’ll need to see well if you want to study, read or do homework. If you want to avoid straining your eyes, choose a spot in your home where you’ll get a reliable light source (be it from a window, or a lamp).

Consider the Furniture

Likewise, you’ll may be sitting for hours in this place, so be sure to pick comfortable enough furniture that can support your back, and that has the right dimensions (height, width, etc.) so you can work properly.

Minimize Distractions

If possible, try to keep the TV, your cell phone, your social networks, and other distractions as far away as possible from your study space. This is a place for you to concentrate, so ward off diversion!

Adapt to Your Style

Every person has a different learning style that defines how they assimilate information. Adapt your study space to yours so you can learn more effectively. For example, if you’re a visual learner, have colored pens and paper readily available so you can make diagrams.

Keep Your Supplies Close

Speaking of pens and paper, if you want your study sessions to be effective, you should also have the necessary supplies in your study space. Everything from pencils, to your notebooks and calculator should be nearby so you can use them if required.

Pick the Right Time

Lastly, remember to create a schedule in which you include time to take care of your academic responsibilities. Set a big enough timeframe which will allow you to perform these activities, and during which you won’t be too tired or hungry to pay attention.

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