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Overcome Summertime Single Parent Challenges with Prep and Planning

For parents, summertime is more challenging. It requires knowing how to balance needs with wants. For single parents, this might seem a bit harder. But all parents have the same summertime dilemma: What do we do now?


In the summer, the regular childcare program may need to be adjusted. This can include more outdoor play and exploration as well as water safety and swimming. There may be new faces at the daycare as familiar staff take vacations and substitutes come in. Make notes of changes with any programs your child is involved in. Be prepared to make adjustments for your child.

Enjoy Down Time Together

The lazy days of summer your child spends poolside and bonding with friends and family will make wonderful future memories. Remind them (and yourself), don't just enjoy the beautiful weather. Enjoy one another.

Keep a Calendar

Dual custody requires that parents employ great organization, communication and plan ahead. If you're the custodial parent, plan with the non-custodial parent. Calendars with days are an excellent way to help your child and both parents, plan ahead. More than anything, your child wants time with you when you aren’t frazzled. If your schedule is so rigorous that time off can be limited to a weekend afternoon, don’t overachieve. It's all about quality, not quantity. And when you're planning your child's summer activities, turn to The Tutoring Center Franklin Park. The Tutoring Center Franklin Park has a variety of academic programs, such as "Geniuses In Training", available to improve and enrich your child's summer days. Academic programs are a great way to keep your child busy and learning this summer. Call 732-419-3813 for your child's free consultation and assessment today.


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