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Comprehending the written text is a basic skill that can open a lot of doors in life. In order to do so, you need to have an understanding of grammar rules, a wide range of vocabulary, and be able to grasp the idea of the topic discussed within the text. As you can imagine, learning all of this can be tricky from time to time. If your child needs a helping hand to improve in reading comprehension, you should follow the tips mentioned in this post.

Developing a Reading Habit

Practice makes perfect, and this is also applicable to reading. However, if your child isn’t an avid reader, help them become one by providing them with interesting material that suits their age and reading level and encourage them to read regularly. 

Create an Appropriate Reading Space

Needless to say, your child should be able to focus when they’re reading. Where they read is an important factor to achieve that, so create a reading space that’s well-lit, comfortable, and away from any distractions.

Use a Dictionary

Understanding the meaning of the words in a text is crucial when it comes to getting a clear grasp on what the text is about. A dictionary can be a great tool to help your child improve in reading comprehension and gradually expand their vocabulary.

Take Notes

Taking notes while reading can be extremely helpful as well. Encourage your child to do so, and they’ll be able to keep up with different plot points, information, names and dates. Moreover, they’ll also have an easier time concentrating.


It can be more challenging to understand a book set in France during the 18th century, if you don’t know about the French Revolution. Help your child to research the different topics discussed in a text to get a new perspective on it, and comprehend it better.

Employ Different Techniques

There are other different ways in which your child can improve their reading comprehension skills. For example, motivate your child to reread as many times as needed to understand the text and to read out loud to avoid skipping any words or sentences.


Talking about a book or other reading material can open your eyes to different perspectives, new ideas, and more. If possible, discuss what your child is reading with them so they can have a more enjoyable and enriching experience.

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