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How to Prevent the Summer Slide

If your child is looking forward to a summer full of lazing around and playing video games, they may be affected by the summer slide. To find out more about the summer slide, how it can affect your child, and how to prevent it, follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ.

What is the Summer Slide?

The summer slide refers to a summer learning loss experienced by students who don't put their academic knowledge to use during the summer months. Also commonly called the summer brain drain, the summer slide can cause students to lose valuable lessons they spent the school year learning. Once they're ready to head back to school in the fall, they will have to relearn the lessons they lost in order to avoid falling behind. This summer learning loss affects all school areas, including reading, writing, and math.

Who is Affected by It?

The summer slide can affect children of all ages, from elementary school to college students, who don't get enough academic practice over the summer months spent away from school. If your child doesn't read enough over summer break, they are at risk of regressing in their reading level. Consider asking your child's teacher for pointers that will help you keep your child's lessons stay fresh and in use all summer long.

How Do I Prevent It?

Preventing the summer slide doesn't have to be hard work. Simply keeping the brain academically active and putting to use the lessons your child learned over the school year can do a lot to curb a summer learning loss. Making time to read daily, fun writing practice, and turning trips to the store into math lessons are easy ways to prevent the summer slide. You can also take field trips to museums or science centers and have fun as your child learns. A great way to prevent the summer slide is by signing your child up for tutoring classes near South Brunswick TownshipThe Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ offers academic programs that can help your child retain their knowledge and even build on it. Give us a call at (732) 419- 3813 to find out more about our tutoring services and to schedule your free consultation today!

Tips to Help Stop the Summer Slide

If you're worried that your child may suffer from a summer learning loss during their break from school, there are easy ways you can help combat this. Turning daily activities into academic practice and signing your child up for academic enrichment programs are just two of the many ways to prevent the summer slide.

Make Reading a Priority

Summer is the perfect time to get your child reading. Instead of using reading as a punishment, be sure to turn it into a positive activity your child will enjoy. Let your child pick out the types of books and magazines they want to read in order for it to be fun. In a previous post, we mentioned various ways to get your child reading this summer; these methods can be used to curb the summer slide. Set a goal for your child to read at least 4-6 books this summer, as this is the minimum required for them to avoid falling behind in their reading level.

Everyday Learning

Because it's summer break, it may be hard to get your child to sit still and do summer homework. If this is the case in your home, turn daily activities into enriching lessons. To put your child's math skills to use, have them help you cook, weigh items at the grocery store, tell time, and make change when buying items. If your child is just starting to read, have them read signs and other small items when you're out of the house. To get your child to practice their writing and penmanship, ask them for help writing a grocery list or a guest list for your next barbecue.

Look for Summer Programs

If you think the academic activities your child is participating in over summer break aren't enough to prevent the summer slide, look for summer enrichment programs in your area. Summer tutoring is a great way to ensure your child not only uses old skills but also builds on these already established skills. If your child had a hard time keeping up with a subject during the school year, summer tutoring can help them catch up and be ready to take it on once the new school year starts up again. Other programs to consider are summer camps and summer reading programs hosted by local library branches.

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