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After months of studying, doing homework, and putting in the hard work, your child risks losing everything they worked for in school over summer break. Summer learning loss is a phenomenon that occurs when students don't practice their lessons over the summer, which results in them forgetting about them and going into the new school year as a blank slate. However, you should know that there are ways in which you can prevent summer learning loss from happening to your child. Continue reading to learn what they are.

Learning Activities for the Summer

Summer Camps

There are summer camps for nearly every subject, type of activity and interest that your child may have. Enrolling them in one will give them a chance to develop certain skills and foster their love for that area.

Field Trips

Sometimes, taking a family trip to the zoo, to a museum, or even to the library is enough to make your child's summer enjoyable, as well as educational. They're also memorable bonding experiences.


Reading and writing are two of the best activities that your child can engage in. Through them, they'll practice and develop their skills in different areas, like grammar, spelling, vocabulary, among others.

Reviewing Notes

If you want to be certain that your child won't be unprepared for the new school year, have them go over their notes a couple of times during the break (especially a few weeks before school starts again).

Summer Tutoring

To make sure that your child will be on their A-game academically for their new grade, enroll them in summer tutoring in Franklin Park. There, they'll be able to learn and work on their school subjects.

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