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To ensure your class notes can help you ace your exams, be sure you're doing your best to take effective notes. If you're not sure how your note taking skills can improve, check out these tips.

How to Take Better Class Notes

Knowing how to take good notes during class can prove to be essential...
Standardized tests are a part of every child's education. Help your child be prepared for these exams using these simple tips.

Prepare Your Child for Standardized Tests

Standardized tests aren't uncommon when it comes time to evaluate a child's academic standing. Although they get their fair...
If your child is easily distracted while studying, help them identify their most common distractors so that they can combat them more effectively.

Help Your Child Combat These Common Learning Distractions

Staying focused while studying can turn into a real challenge for many students, but that...
When enrolling your child in tutoring you want to be sure your child is getting the help they need. In order to see improvements they will have to count on a great tutor with these qualities.

What to Look for in a Great Tutor

All students, whether they need extra academic help or not, can...
As we enter a brand new year, encourage your child to use this time to think about the things they would like to accomplish in 2018.

New Year, New Beginning

It may not be the beginning of the school year, but the start of a new year is the perfect time to think about the future. Encourage your...
Winter break is the perfect time for your child to get ahead in their academics. Use these tips to make winter break relaxing while also encouraging academic gains.

Tips to Help Your Child Get Ahead During Winter Break

Although your child should have some time to relax and refresh over winter...
If you notice your child is having a hard time completing their homework, use these tips to help them understand and finish their work successfully.

How to Help Your Child Get Through Tough Assignments

Most children will struggle with at least a few assignments throughout their academic career....
Encouraging your child to participate in extracurricular activities can help them reap many benefits. Learn more about these benefits in this post.

How Your Child Can Benefit from Participating in Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities may sound like a distraction to many parents,...
After a long summer vacation, your child may not feel ready to return to school. Use these tips to help them not only be ready but also have a great school year.

Tips to Make This School Year a Success

It's easy to lose good habits when they're not put into practice for a few months. To help your...
As each year passes, your child gets closer and closer to college. Use the summer to ensure they are on track to get into their dream school.

Make College Plans This Summer

Whether your child is a high school junior or senior, college plans should definitely already be on their radar. Use the...


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