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To ensure your class notes can help you ace your exams, be sure you're doing your best to take effective notes. If you're not sure how your note taking skills can improve, check out these tips.

How to Take Better Class Notes

Knowing how to take good notes during class can prove to be essential when it comes time to review for exams. A collection of effective notes will help your student have an easier time studying because they will have all the most important information right in one spot. Unlike reading a textbook full of long sentences, your child's notes should focus on the most important aspects, making studying a breeze. In order for this to be a reality, teach them to take good notes with these tips.

Be Prepared for Class

In order to have a complete set of notes, your child will have to be prepared to take their notes. This means showing up to class on time so that they are able to pull out their note-taking materials and be ready when their new lessons start. This, of course, also means they need to have the right materials in order to take good notes. Instead of using loose leaf paper which can get lost, have your child use a specific notebook for their notes so that they don't lose anything along the way. Using highlighters and colored pens can help make their notes easier to scan later on, so be sure they're prepared with these.

Read Ahead

Doing the previous night's homework and reading is essential for an effective class session. Most teachers will assign at least a bit of reading on a topic they haven't yet covered in order to give students a brief introduction to the subject. This also helps lay down a solid foundation so that the lesson the next day doesn't start from zero. Because of this, it's important that your child keeps up with homework and maybe even looks ahead at what's to come.

Listen and Write

Many students struggle to actually listen to the lesson being taught and absorbing it. Too often, they're too focused on writing down the teacher's every word that they miss the lesson completely. Instead of focusing on writing down everything the teacher says, teach your child to be an active listener during lessons. They should only focus on writing down the most important information while following the lesson. This will ensure they understand their notes later on when they go home to study them.

Ask Relevant Questions

If your child is actively listening to a lesson, chances are they will be aware when something doesn't quite make sense to them. Encourage them to raise their hand and ask questions whenever this happens. It can be intimidating to do this, but remind them that if they have a question, it's very likely that someone else does too. It's also best if they ask right away when the information is still fresh as opposed to after class when they may not even remember what was confusing them. Tutoring in Franklin Park can help your child become a better note taker. To find the perfect academic programs to help your child reach success, contact The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ at (732) 419- 3813Be sure to ask about their free diagnostic assessment!

Share Your Notes

After class, have your child compare notes with some of their classmates. This practice is great if your child missed something when they stepped out to use the bathroom or if they don't have the most solid understanding of a part of the lesson. Their classmates' notes can help clear things up and can help your child have a complete set of notes.

Type up Your Notes

Having your child rewrite their notes is a great practice for a number of reasons. To start, typing up notes or even rewriting them by hand can help your child has a neater and tidier set of notes that are easier to study from. Rewriting them is also a great way to review the material and can even help your child learn the information better.

Test Different Note Taking Methods

If your child hasn't found a note-taking style that works for them, there are a number of different techniques your child can try out. From the Cornell method to the mapping method, encourage your child to try out new styles until they find something that works for them.

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