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Students can often hit a slump in school and lose their motivation. This can happen for a number of reasons so there's no one way to help. Below are different ways to help your child get motivated.

How You Can Motivate and Unmotivated Student

Trying to motivate an unmotivated student can be quite frustrating, especially if you don't know where this issue stems from. Contrary to popular belief, bribing your student, praising them for everything that they do, or reprimanding them won't help them regain their motivation. To truly fix the issue you'll have to figure out what's causing it. To help you do that, check out this information regarding some of the most common reasons students become unmotivated.

Low Self Esteem

Students whose self esteem has suffered a blow will often also lose their motivation. If your child has fallen behind in class or simply feels like they're not as smart as their classmates, this can make them want to simply give up. If your child has stopped asking for help when they're stuck or if they've simply stopped putting in any effort, this may be their way of avoiding the disappointment of putting in effort and still failing. Help your child overcome this by pointing out their strengths and by working on making these even stronger. Teaching your child that failing is a part of learning and growing is an important lesson that can help them continue to grow.

Lack of Support at Home

Students who don't get any academic support or encouragement at home may simply stop caring about school. If no one else seems to care about their grades or their achievements, they won't value them either. To ensure that your child stays academically motivated, show them that you're interested in what they're learning, what they've accomplished, and what they need help with. Encourage them to ask questions and explore. This positivity around their academics can motivate them to put in their maximum effort and do their absolute best.

Low Expectations at School

If your student's teacher doesn't put much effort into their lessons, chances are their students won't put much effort into learning them. A lack of stimulation and challenge in the classroom can lead students to become bored and disinterested. Since students mirror their teachers' attitude, a teacher who's excited to teach will lead to students who are eager to learn. If this isn't happening in the classroom, you can help make it better by giving your child a different perspective. Look for supplemental material that challenges them to think, that allows them to express their opinions, and that is more meaningful to them. If your child needs some extra motivation to keep them interested in their class lessons, tutoring in Franklin Park may be just what they need. Check out the different tutoring programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ. To learn more about these, give their learning center a call at (732) 419- 3813.

Too Much Pressure

It's easy for parents to assume that putting some pressure on their student will lead to incredible growth. In many cases, however, too much pressure can lead to just the opposite. Students who are feeling overwhelmed will often ignore their schoolwork because of the stress it causes them. While it's normal to want your child to do their absolute best, encourage this in a more positive manner. Offer your child help and guidance if they're feeling overwhelmed and let them know that you see how hard they're working. If you're noticeably stressed or worried, this can also affect your child's attitude. Do your best to keep your stress under control so that your child is more at ease.

The Work Is Too Challenging

If your child is feeling overwhelmed because the classes they're taking are more challenging than what they're accustomed to, this can lead to them giving up. To prevent this from happening, let your child know that asking for help is always an option. In fact, it's a great option that shows they're interested in their academic growth. Look for other options as well, such as enrolling them in an after-school tutoring program.

After School Tutoring in Franklin Park NJ

Tutoring in Franklin Park may offer just what your struggling student needs. From helping them raise their self-esteem to ensure they understand their class lessons, there are plenty of benefits your child can get from tutoring. Contact The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ to learn all about the academic programs they offer at their learning center. Talk to one of their tutors by calling them at (732) 419- 3813.


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