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Help Your Child Stay Academically Active This Winter Break

Now that winter break is here, be sure to use this time wisely. Although your child is likely looking to forget about school completely for a couple of weeks, it's best if they stay in the habit of using their knowledge and improving on it. For a fun break full of learning, follow these tips.

Read Together

Reading together is a great way to ensure your child continues to develop their language skills during winter break. If your child is just learning to read, set aside some time every day where you can read together. You can take turns reading parts of a story so that they stay motivated. If your child is older, consider reading the newspaper together over breakfast and share the interesting stories you read about. Use the cold weather as an excuse to get cozy and spend some time together reading.

Play Fun Board Games

Board games are a fun activity the family can enjoy together. Not only are these games fun, but they can also be quite educational. Games that involve money or some form of counting are great for keeping your child's math skills sharp. Other games that focus on language arts, like Scrabble, can help your child develop their vocabulary, practice their spelling, and become better readers. Find your favorite board game and gather your family for a night of fun and learning.

Everyday Learning Opportunities

If you're concerned about finding ways to keep your child's mind active this break, pay attention to everyday activities that present opportunities to practice academic skills. For example, winter weather can be quite stormy, so use this time to teach your child about the water system or even about climate change. Math is everywhere, and while it may not be Calculus, there are many activities your child can participate in to keep their basic math skills sharp. For example, having your child help you with your Christmas shopping can put their skills to the test. Look for sales and have your child calculate an item's final price after applying a discount. If you're looking for the perfect tutoring place for your child, look no further than The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ. Their trained tutors can help your child reach academic success this school year. For more information about their academic programs and tutoring approach, give them a call at (732) 419- 3813. Don't forget to schedule your free consultation today!

The Benefits of Winter Tutoring

Enrolling your child in winter tutoring is a great way to expose your child to more formal learning and academic practice during the break without it being overwhelming.

Catch up on Missed Lessons

For students who struggled to keep up in class, winter tutoring is the perfect way to help them catch up. Since your child won't have to worry about taking on new lessons, they can master old lessons with less pressure. Whatever the reason behind their struggles is, tutoring can help give them more individualized attention where they won't be afraid to ask questions.

Prepare for Upcoming Lessons

Students who have kept up all year and have produced perfect grades can still benefit from tutoring. Winter break can be used as a time to prepare for upcoming lessons that may be more difficult and challenging. A tutor can help your child prepare for what's to come by laying down a solid foundation that will make taking on the rest of the school year more manageable and less stressful. Help your child get ahead with winter tutoring this year.

Prevent a Learning Loss

Learning losses are common during breaks from school because students don't put their knowledge to use. If your child completely forgets about school for a few weeks, their newly acquired knowledge may not be as sharp when school returns in January. Help your child retain their lessons by putting them to use in tutoring. Not only will tutoring help your child retain old lessons, but it can also help them hold onto healthy school related habits. For example, if your child doesn't study or complete any assignments while on break, they will have a harder time transitioning back to school. Tutoring can help them stay in the habit of completing academic work, making their transition back to class easier all the while making learning more fun.

The Best Tutoring in Franklin Park NJ

The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ can help your child reach their academic potential this year. To find out more about their academic programs and tutoring approach, contact them at (732) 419- 3813.


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