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Keep Your Child Motivated During Winter Vacation

The winter holidays provide a great mini vacation for children to take a well deserved break from school. However, this time shouldn't be wasted away watching television and playing video games all day. Instead, keep your child active and motivated through their break. The Tutoring Center in Franklin Township has some tips to help you keep your child motivated through winter break and ready for the return of school.

Incorporate Outdoor Activities

Take advantage of all the free time your child has by planning fun outdoor activities. Not only will you have an opportunity to bond with your child, you will also be ensuring your child stays active and healthy. Your child is more likely to have a better attention span and enjoy their break more by participating in activities that allow them to release their energy.

Create a Routine

It may sound harsh, but having a set routine that includes bedtimes and wake up times during winter break will prove to very helpful. Your child likely already has a bedtime routine they follow during the school year. Stick to this same routine during breaks in order to make their transition back to school as easy as possible. You can allow your child to stay up later or sleep in a bit on special occasions, but don't allow it to become a habit. Your child won't need to make extra adjustments and will perform better in school once their break is over if they continue to stick to their routine.

Set New Goals

In order to avoid having winter break turn into an unproductive and unmotivated couple of weeks, set goals with your child at the beginning of their break. Have a conversation with your child where you can figure out what things they would like to achieve over break. Write down your child's goals and display them publicly at home. Help your child work towards their goals by motivating them and by offering positive reinforcement. You may even consider offering healthy rewards when a goal is met. Get to know some of the top benefits of enrolling your child in tutoringThe Tutoring Center near Franklin Township offers great academic programs and one-to-one tutoring that are sure to help your child succeed academically. If your child needs tutoring services this winter break, give us a call at (732) 419- 3813 to schedule your free consultation!

Combine Fun and Academics

If you child wasn't assigned winter assignments by their teachers this doesn't mean academics should be completely forgotten over break. Find fun activities for your child to participate in that also require academic practice. You can create simple at home tasks that are academic and fun, such as starting a blog or writing in a journal. A great way to keep your child interested in more academic tasks is by giving them options they can choose from. If your child is making a blog, allow your child to choose their blog's theme and design. Give your child different options for journal prompts so they can choose something that motivates them to write. Taking trips to the local library to encourage reading or visiting local history and science  museums are great ways to encourage your child to continue learning during their break from school.

Create a Homework Plan

It's not uncommon for children to have winter assignments that need to be completed over their break. Ask your child about their assignments and help them create a plan to complete them. Winter break can get hectic because of all the holiday parties and visits, so ensure your child has enough time to complete all their work. Set aside time in their agenda that can be dedicated to completing homework. Don't forget to create to-do lists and timetables in order to ensure everything gets completed in time.

Make Time to Socialize

The school year can be quite demanding, especially as your child gets older. Allow your child to take a break from academics and enjoy some of the free time they get from school. Invite over family and friends that your child doesn't get to see often because of school and extracurricular activities. Let your child have friends over just to socialize and take a break from school stresses.

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