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There are myriad of different factors that can influence your child’s academic performance: their interest in a subject, their social/family life, their attention span, their teacher, etc. As for the latter, it’s probable that at some point, your child will have an inadequate teacher, which can affect their learning experience. If they’re going through that right now, here are some tips you can follow to handle that situation.

How to Deal with an Inadequate Teache

  1. It may be difficult, but you need to be as objective as possible in this situation. Be certain that your child’s behavior isn’t a problem in class, and that they aren’t complaining about the teacher because they don’t like them as a person. 
  2. Tied up to the point above, you should talk about this situation with your child’s peers and their parents. Ask them if they’re having trouble with the teacher as well and if that’s affecting their grades or their academic life.
  3. This next step is a tricky one: set up a meeting with the teacher. In it, discuss the different measures they can take to improve. Make sure to be respectful so the teacher won’t feel offended.
  4. If after you’ve talked with the teacher, nothing seems to change, take this situation up to the principal. You can team up with other parents so you can all look for ways in which you can help your children and the teacher.
  5. It’s possible that if the school term is well on its way, there won’t be any repercussions for the teacher. If that’s the case, help your child realize that it’s likely that they won’t get that teacher again. Tell them to learn as much as possible and to keep a positive outlook.
  6. If you want to reinforce your child’s knowledge if they have an inadequate teacher, enroll them in tutoring in Franklin Park. An experienced tutor will be able to help them learn effectively and master their school subjects.

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If you’d like your child to learn effectively, regardless of the type of teacher they have, turn to The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park. They’ll provide the tools and methods (adapted to your child’s learning style) they require to become the best student they can be. Call (732) 419-3813 to schedule a free consultation.


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