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If your child seems to lose all of their energy as soon as they get home after school, these tips can help them stay productive during the afternoon hours.

Tips to Keep Your Child Active After School

After a long day at school, it may not be surprising that your child doesn't seem to have much energy once they get home. Even if they made plans to study or to go out for a jog, they may not be able to peel themselves off the couch to actually do anything. Help your child stay productive after school with these tips that will keep them off the couch.

Find After School Clubs

Most schools have some after school activities or clubs that students can join in on if they're interested. These are a great option for students who get bored after school and end up being lazy around the house instead of doing something productive. Not to mention, these types of activists can help students develop new skills and meet new friends. Your child can learn leadership skills, teamwork skills, and their self-confidence can experience a boost thanks to these after-school activities. In the long run, these can also look great on college applications.

Join a Sports Team

After-school sports may seem like all fun, but they can actually provide students with some great lessons. Your child can learn all about commitment, discipline, and perseverance all by playing on a sports team and enjoying themselves while they do it. They will also be in better physical shape all the while developing their self-confidence. This is also a great way to make new friends and find a new passion.

After School Tutoring

If your child has a hard time completing their homework after school or if they're bored with their schoolwork and need a challenge, after-school tutoring is a great option. Unlike regular classes, tutoring takes place in a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing students to feel less stressed. Not only will your child see their grades improve, but they will also develop a better learning attitude and will have a better grasp of their lessons. Make learning fun for them by enrolling them in an after-school tutoring program. If tutoring in Franklin Park sounds like something your child can benefit from, why not give it a try? Contact the tutors at The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ at (732) 419- 3813 to learn all about the tutoring programs offered at their learning center.

Understand the Afternoon Slump

After a long day at work, chances are you get home and feel sluggish and tired. Try to remember this when you notice that your child is having a hard time starting their homework or getting some studying done. This afternoon slump isn't just reserved for working parents, so don't be so hard on your child if they struggle to stay productive after school. Try to be understanding and provide them with a healthy snack that can help them to refuel. A quick nap is also a good option that can help your child reenergize. Just be sure it's a quick 15-minute nap since anything longer can cause them to become groggy and tired.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Children will feed off your energy, so if you get home with a negative attitude, chances are this will rub off on them. Do your best to leave your work stress at work and return home with a positive attitude that will motivate your child to stay productive. Ask your child about their day and take a real interest in what they're working on. This will encourage them to do their best because they will want to impress you with their work.

Create a Plan

If your child doesn't have a plan for their after school hours, it will be easier for them to do the minimum. Help them create an after-school plan including a checklist of all the activities they want to complete that day. This should start with homework and study time but should also include other activities and projects they're eager to complete. By having it all planned out, your child will feel more accountable and will be more likely to complete their plans instead of playing video games until bedtime.

Tutoring in Franklin Park NJ

Enrolling your child in after-school tutoring is a great option for all sorts of students. The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ offers a number of academic programs that address a number of academic needs. To learn more about them, give them a call at (732) 419- 3813.


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