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Homework Help Tips for Parents

Whether or not your child struggles with their homework, it's always a good idea for parents to get involved. Use these tips to help ensure your child is getting the most out of their homework assignments.

Find a Balance

Many children dread having to complete homework after a long day of school. The truth is, although children do spend a good amount of their day in class, homework is essential. To make homework more manageable and effective, find a balance between it and the activities your child enjoys. For example, you can enroll your child in an extracurricular activity of their choice, but they have to keep their grades up and complete their homework daily in order to keep participating. A bonus of this is that encouraging your child to step outside daily for some play time isn't just fun; it can also help your child stay concentrated while working on school assignments.

Create a Homework Space

The space your child uses while completing homework can make a big difference in how quickly they finish and how much they actually learn. A messy, loud space full of distractions will most likely cause your child to waste time and won't allow them to absorb information as well. Instead, provide your child with a quiet, well-lit space where they can work comfortably without getting distracted. Provide them with a work table, a chair, and the necessary school supplies to complete their homework in one go.

Avoid Giving Your Child the Answers

As you help your child with something they're struggling to understand, do your best to avoid giving them the answers. Although you may get frustrated after explaining the same thing a few times, it's best to work out the problem together. Give your child guidance and allow them to get to the answer on their own. This will help them learn the lesson instead of just finding an easy way out.

Identify Struggles

It's normal for students to have a hard time understanding some of their homework, but if your child is having a lot of trouble, they may need additional help. If you notice your child is taking too long to complete simple assignments or if they are falling behind in class, contact their teacher. Their teacher can help point you in the direction of additional resources that can help your child. A great resource for struggling students is after school tutoring. Trained tutors can spend a little more time going over the lessons your child is struggling with, helping them to really understand the material. Enroll your child in tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ for additional help with homework and subjects like reading, writing, and math. To learn more about their academic programs, give them a call at (732) 419- 3813.

Teach Time Management

As your child gets older, it is likely that their homework load is increasing. As this happens, take the time to teach them about time management. A great way to help your child make the most of their time is by setting a daily routine that includes some hours for homework and studying. Get your child into the habit of doing their homework at the same time every day so that they can finish quickly and have some free time. Avoid scheduling homework time right before bed and instead get it out of the way sooner.

Do Homework Together

A couple of great ways to keep your child motivated include working alongside them and being close enough to their work area so that they can reach out for help when they're stuck. This doesn't mean you need to be over their shoulder the whole time they're working, simply be in the same room or in the next room. If you are in the same room, pull out your own homework and get to work. For example, if your child is working on their reading, you can pull out a newspaper or a book and read quietly with them.

Offer Rewards

Setting up a rewards system related to homework can help keep your child interested in their assignments. While it's not a good idea to offer a prize for completing homework daily, these can be used to reward your child for big achievements or after completing a large task. Figure out a system that you can use to track your child's work and designate some milestones. It also helps if you make the prizes for reaching each milestone clear so that your child knows what they're working toward.

Homework Help and Tutoring in Franklin Park NJ

If your child is struggling to keep up in class, chances are they will also be struggling to complete homework assignments. If this is the case, consider enrolling your child in tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ. Their trained tutors can help your child have a successful school year and get their confidence back. For more information about their academic programs, contact them at (732) 419- 3813.


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