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Choosing a college major can become a source of serious stress for your child. To help them choose their major without getting overwhelmed, use these tips.

Choosing a College Major

For students who are getting close to entering college, choosing a college major can lead to major stress. Many students may think that this one decision can change their entire life, but it really isn't that serious. If your child is feeling overwhelmed by this one decision, use these tips to help them feel more at ease about it.

What Is It?

When your child goes to college, they will have to declare a major at some point. The major they choose is basically the area of study they want to specialize in. Even though their major is where they will focus their studies, they also have to take general education classes. In the end, one-third to half of the classes they take in college will be for their major. The classes they have to take will depend on their study plan and on the major's requirements, which can differ by school.

When Does Your Child Have to Declare?

As mentioned earlier, declaring a major is something your child will have to do at some point during their college career. When they have to do this will depend on the school they attend, but this is often required by the end of their sophomore year. This means that your child can enter college undeclared and decide on a major after taking different classes. If your child is sure about the career path they want to take, they are also free to enter school with a declared major. For majors that require a lot of classes or that are highly competitive, this is ideal.

Have a Career in Mind

To make choosing a major easier, it can help for your child to narrow down their interests and to define some career goals. This can be overwhelming, so start with some not so serious questions. Have your child write down a list of their likes. This can be anything from art to geography to literature. It can be helpful to then identify some strengths and weaknesses they have in each of these areas and possible career paths these can lead to. Explore what these careers mean in terms of college majors, the amount of time they will have to spend in school, and the career prospects for each. Taking these steps can help them narrow down their choices and make this decision less scary. If your child could use some help with their academic work, enroll them in tutoring in Franklin Park. The academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ can help your child succeed. To learn more about their programs, give their learning center a call at (732) 419- 3813.

Get Advice from Professionals

If your child knows what they want to do for a living but aren't sure how to get there, it can help to talk to someone in the field. There isn't one single path to take to become successful in the field they chose. In fact, your child may discover there are many ways to get there and different majors that can get them to their goal. To get a better idea of how to get there, it can help to have a conversation with a professional who has already been through it all. This can help your child pick a major and have a clearer path to get to their goals.

Explore Different Options

If your child is still not set on a major and their first day of college is quickly coming up, it's not too late. In most cases, your child can start school undeclared and figure out their major after taking some classes. Your child can start off taking general education classes that also introduce them to majors they're interested in. As they get a better feel for the different majors they're interested in, they'll have an easier time making their choice.

Changing Majors

Finally, remind your child that they don't have to stick to a major if it's not what they were hoping for. They can always switch to another major if they decide that's the right choice for them. This simple fact can make choosing theirs less stressful and less daunting.

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