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Standardized tests are a part of every child's education. Help your child be prepared for these exams using these simple tips.

Prepare Your Child for Standardized Tests

Standardized tests aren't uncommon when it comes time to evaluate a child's academic standing. Although they get their fair share of criticism, they are often used to carry out yearly state testing, and as entrance exams or evaluations for universities at the undergraduate and post graduate levels. Your child may not be able to avoid these tests, but they can prepare and do well on them using these tips.

Know What to Expect

Before showing up on the test day, your child should know what to expect from the exam. If your child will be going through state testing, their school will likely send some paperwork home explaining the schedule and what will be evaluated. Talk to your child to be sure they know what to expect. They may have some worries or questions that you can answer for them that will put them more at ease. Oftentimes, schools will also send tips and reminders that are meant to ensure your chid is better prepared. These tips may include reminders to serve your child a healthy breakfast in the morning and to ensure they get a good amount of sleep the night before. Don't ignore these suggestions because they can actually have a great impact on your child's overall performance.

Test Taking Strategies

It's not uncommon for some students to perform below their abilities because of the test format. If your child has been reviewing their material, complement this work by also helping them learn great strategies for taking a standardized test.
  • Read the question. Some students may skim the questions in order to get through the test faster. Doing this can leave them without key information and can make it harder to find the correct answer. Teach your child to read the entire question before selecting an answer.
  • Consider all the answer choices. Before selecting an answer, your child should read all the answer choices. They can then eliminate any choices that are obviously wrong, making it easier to find the correct answer.
  • Answer the easy questions first. In order to avoid wasting time, encourage your child to answer the easy questions first. They can go back to the harder questions once they've completed the ones they know.
  • Smart guesses. If your child doesn't know the answer to a question and they won't get penalized for a wrong answer, it's best to answer the question with a smart guess. Use the process of elimination to get closer to the correct answer.
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Deal With Test Taking Anxiety

Test-taking anxiety is a reality for many students. Even if they've studied hard and are prepared for the test, they may not do great because of the anxiety they suffer around exams. Help your child get through this with these tips:
  • Be on time. Waking up late and rushing out the door on the day of your child's exam can add to their stress. To keep their stress levels at a minimum, ensure they get up on time and arrive at school early without feeling rushed.
  • Stay positive. A positive mind set can make all the difference when it comes time to take a test. Teach your child to actively identify and eliminate negative thoughts or self-doubt that may cause them to give up during their exam.
  • Practice breathing exercises. If your child gets overwhelmed during exams and has trouble relaxing, teach them some helpful breathing exercises. Stopping and counting to ten while taking deep breaths can help them recenter their mind and get their focus back.
  • Focus on your own work. If it seems like other students are moving faster, this can really cause a student to stress out and panic. Teach your child to focus on their own work and to move at their own pace. They should keep an eye on the clock and manage their time, but tell them not to worry about how fast other students are working.

What to Do After the Test

Once testing is over, celebrate your child's hard work and recognize their efforts. It may take a while before your child gets their results, but you can use this time to get more familiar with how to read them. Once you do have the results, go over them with your child and decide what areas they may need more help in. If you're concerned about a certain area, talk to their teacher or consider enrolling your child in tutoring.

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