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Academic burnout is a condition that can affect many students, and that can cause them to lose their motivation. To find out more about this condition and how to overcome it, keep reading.

What Is Academic Burnout?

If you've ever heard the term burnout, you are likely familiar with it in a career or professional setting. However, this term can also be applied to an academic setting and it can affect students in a variety of grade levels. This condition is generally recognized as a form of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion brought on by severe and ongoing stress as well as by being overwhelmed by the amount of work and commitments one has. University students and high school students are more affected by this condition because of the amount of work on their plate. Although it can make everything seem harder to get through, there are ways to help your child make it through school while avoiding burnout.

Signs That Point to Academic Burnout

Academic burnout can affect a student emotionally, physically, and mentally, so there are a number of signs that can point to an issue. A student going through burnout will often lose their grip on healthy habits and end up losing sleep, not eating healthy, and not participating in physical activities. While these are signs of burnout, they can also lead to more serious symptoms. You may notice that your child is constantly tired, can't concentrate, and is losing interest in activities they used to enjoy. Your child may even develop physical symptoms that include headaches, chest pain, and gastrointestinal issues. They may also be getting sick more often because their immune system can also be weakened. If you think your child is experiencing burnout, use these tips to help them overcome it.

Let It Go

Many high school students take on a large number of extracurricular activities along with a heavy class load in order to stand out when applying to college. While it's good to push yourself, taking on too much can also be dangerous. If your child is overwhelmed and having trouble keeping up with all of their commitments, it's time to lighten their load. Encourage them to make a list of all their commitments and choose a few that they can let go of. This will help them remove some stress form their life while also giving them more time to relax. Click here to learn how tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ can help your child have a great school year.

Say Yes to Free Time

Students who have taken on too much may not even remember what it feels like to have free time; some may even feel uncomfortable spending time on themselves. While it's great to be productive, everyone needs to relax. Even if it feels like you're wasting time, spending time relaxing is a great way to recharge and be more productive later on. Help your child find a balance between their commitments and free time in order to fight burnout. Enrolling your child in a tutoring program at The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ can also help them avoid academic burnout. The tutors at the learning center can help them stay on top of their homework and study in a timely manner to reduce stress. Learn more about their academic programs by calling them at (732) 419- 3813.

Improve Time Management

Some students may suffer from burnout while trying to study for exams or while trying to complete large projects and assignments. The overwhelming stress brought on by these may actually be the result of poor time management. If your child has lost interest in studying or seems to suddenly not care about finishing an important assignment, help them manage their time better in the future. Taking on a large project or studying for exams can be made easier by spreading the work out over a larger period of time. Instead of trying to do it all in one day, encourage your child to do a bit of work daily.

Take Study Breaks

If your child is studying for an important exam, they may be reluctant to take any breaks. However, taking study breaks can actually make their studying more effective. Taking a step back from the work and participating in a healthy activity, such as taking a nap or going for a walk, can help your child absorb the information better. Parents can also make a huge difference by keeping their children motivated. Use these tips to motivate your child and help them get through a rough patch at school.

Practice Healthy Habits

Help your child fight off burnout by implementing healthy habits at home. Be sure your child gets plenty of sleep every night in order to improve their concentration, mood, and motivation. Cook healthy meals and provide healthy snacks that can help your child stay healthy and focused. You can also encourage physical activity at home by having them take the dog for a walk or even taking walks together.

Tutoring in Franklin Park NJ

If your child is struggling to keep up in school, The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ can help. Learn all about their academic programs and tutoring approach by contacting them at (732) 419- 3813.


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