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How to Pack Healthy School Lunches for Your Child

As you prepare for your child's return to school, make sure you don't forget to include school lunches in your preparation. As you shop for school supplies and back-to-school clothes, make sure you also take a trip to the grocery store for some healthy lunch options. Making sure your child eats healthy will help them stay focused and learning in class. The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park has some tips to help ensure your child's lunch helps them stay attentive in class.

Include a Fruit and a Vegetable

Your child's lunch should always include one fruit and one vegetable. Figure out what fruits and vegetables your child likes and incorporate them into their lunch. Try changing it up so your child doesn't get bored with their lunch. If your child is a picky eater, take them grocery shopping and encourage them to pick out a new fruit or vegetable they're willing to try. If you give them the freedom to choose between healthy options, they are more likely to try new things.

Skip the Sugary Drinks

The healthiest drink option for your child's lunch is plain water. Most children don't drink enough water every day. Bad hydration habits can lead to loss of concentration, fatigue and dizziness, all of which affect children's abilities to learn. Sugary drinks can lead to a sugar rush, but as soon as that's over, your child will be tired and unable to concentrate. If your child isn't too fond of plain water, try making infused water with fresh fruit to add a touch of flavor.

Give Your Child a Treat

Including a treat in your child's lunch will give them something to look forward to as they head out the door. Remember that a treat doesn't have to be an unhealthy snack. Pack treats like mixed nuts, dried fruit or snacks made from real fruit that contain minimal sugar. You can even bake your own healthy treats at home and include them in your child's lunch.

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