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It’s no secret that taking notes during class has many benefits, as it will make students focus and help them remember the class material more easily. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park, we created the following post containing useful advice on improving the note taking skills of your children. 

Having the Right School Supplies

This is perhaps one of the most simple details, yet it’s somehow neglected. Providing your children with the school supplies they need will also help them staying organized. Remember that they should have one notebook for each class, also they should keep all their supplies in an accessible place. 

Listening Habits

Most students tend to listen only for facts, which is a common mistake that can translate into poor notes. Effective note takers look for the main ideas and connect them to previous material. It’s crucial that your children pay attention and they should sit in a place where they can see and listen to the teacher. 

What to Write?

There are certain important ideas that your children should always write down and the teachers will sometimes some provide them with clues, as material written on the blackboard, formulas, emphasised concepts or summaries are very important information. Remember that your children should also develop their own note taking system.

Taking good notes will allow your children learn more effectively, which will boost their academic achievement. Remember that final exams are right around the corner and learning how to cope with test anxiety is crucial, so be sure to read our guide on this topic.  

For Tutoring in Franklin Park

Keep in mind that summer is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the academic skills of your children, this way they will be prepared for the upcoming school year. If you are looking for tutoring in Franklin Park, think about The Tutoring Center, where our experience tutors and exclusive programs will help your children reach their potential. Call (732) 419-3813 to schedule a free consultation.


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