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Make homework time easier for your child with a few changes this school year. Use the following tips to make homework time less stressful and more effective.

How to Make Homework Time Easier

If your child gets stressed and frustrated every time they're trying to complete their homework, there are strategies you can use to make this time easier for them. Help relieve their homework stress with the following tips.

Keep an Agenda

An agenda or day planner is a great tool that all students should use. Get your child in the practice of writing down their daily homework assignments, social commitments, important test dates, project deadlines all in their agenda. This will make it easier to keep track of everything they have to get done so that their work doesn't start piling up. This will also help them avoid the stress of forgetting what homework was assigned each day or when their upcoming test is.

Make a To-Do List

To-do lists are a must for students. Teach your child to create a to-do list every day as soon as they get home from school so that they know exactly what they must get done that evening. This will give them a visual representation of what needs to be completed before going to bed. As they cross items off their list, they will be able to see their progress, which can motivate them to keep going. Since they have a list of everything that they need to get done, it will be harder for them to get distracted, meaning they can finish everything in a more timely manner.

Stay Organized

An agenda and to-do lists will help your child stay more organized, which is key when it comes to reducing stress. Another area they should also focus on keeping organized is their workspace. After all, a messy workspace means more distractions which lead to a disorganized mind. Have your child clean their work area every week as well as their backpack and notebooks. This will ensure no important assignments or papers go missing or get thrown away by accident. It's also important to keep their workspace stocked with all the supplies they need to complete their work. If they're missing anything as simple as scissors, this will lead your child to get up from their workspace and start wandering around the house looking for some. They will probably get distracted along the way and waste valuable homework time. An easy way to prevent this is by keeping all the necessary supplies within reach. There are many reasons why a child may struggle with their homework. With the help of tutoring in Franklin Park, you can identify the causes of your child's struggles and work to solve these issues. The tutors at The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ are happy to help your child overcome these struggles. Give them a call at (732) 419- 3813 to learn more.

Create an After School Schedule

An after-school schedule will give your child an easy to follow routine that adds structure to their evenings. Their schedule should include time for homework and study, preferably earlier in the day. Give your child time to eat a snack, take a nap, or spend some time outdoors right after school, but after that time to relax, it's homework time! Your child may put up a bit of a resistance at first, but they will grow accustomed to their routine and homework time will become a breeze. Remember that the earlier they get their homework down, the better. It will allow your child to relax and lounge, making their evening more enjoyable.

Take Homework Breaks

It's easy to understand how a student can get overwhelmed and stressed out by a large project or long homework assignment, but you can definitely help them take a less stressful approach. Help your child break down these large assignments into smaller, more manageable chunks. Have them take the assignment one step at a time and encourage them to take breaks in between each section they complete. Allowing them to take a 10-minute break in between chunks can keep them more motivated and less stressed out.

Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep is a must for all students, so it's important that your child gets to bed on time every night. Getting the right amount of sleep means your child will have more energy the next day and will have an easier time staying focused in class. This, of course, can lead to a better memory, making it easier to complete homework assignments.

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