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Prepare for Exams With These Effective Study Tips

The end of year exam period is not that far off. If you could use some tips to help strengthen your study skills, follow these simple tips and get the most out of your study time.

Space out Your Studying

Instead of trying to tackle weeks worth of study material in one night, space out your studying over a longer period of time. If you have a couple weeks to prepare for an exam, use them! Create a study schedule that will allow you to review smaller amounts of information daily over a long period of time. Using this strategy will cause you less stress and will allow you to really learn information instead of simply trying to memorize it.

Explain What You've Learned

After a study session, find someone to tell all about what you've just learned. Explaining information to another person is a great way to help you review what you know and reinforce what you've just learned. Other techniques that can help you do the same include making up a story with the information you just learned or using mnemonic devices to help you remember facts. Mnemonic devices are techniques that will help your brain recall information better. These include creating a jingle, an acronym, or a phrase that will be easier to remember than just facts.

Take Study Breaks

Allowing yourself to takes breaks while studying will make all your work more effective. Sitting for hours on end reviewing material isn't only tiring for your body, it is also tiring for your brain. Giving your mind and body breaks will help them rest and refresh before you jump back into your notes. Reward yourself for your hard work every so often by allowing yourself to take a quick nap, go out for a walk, or enjoy a snack. It will be much easier for you to concentrate on your studying and for your brain to retain information after taking a short break. The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park NJ can help your child prepare for exams this year. Whether your child needs help preparing for college entrance exams or end of quarter tests, your child can get the help they need at the best learning center in Franklin Park NJ. Give them a call at (732) 419- 3813 to schedule your free consultation today!

Rewrite Your Notes

Your class notes are a great study tool when it comes to quizzes and exams. Even if your notes are neat, concise, and complete, simply reading them may not be the best study technique. To get the most out of your notes, rewrite them on another sheet of paper. Many studies suggest that we learn information better when handwriting it. Taking some time to rewrite your notes will help you review the information while also helping your brain to retain it all much more effectively.

Take Practice Tests

Practice tests are a great tool no matter what you're studying for. Taking a practice test before starting on your studying will allow you to assess where you stand and what areas you should focus more of your attention on. Once you've been studying for some time, taking another practice test will show you if you've made progress while also showing you what areas need more work. If you're studying with a group, you can quiz each other to test progress. If you don't know the answer to something, the group can help you understand the answer by explaining it to you.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions are easy to find when you don't want to study. Whether you're easily distracted by friends, social media, or noise, do your best to keep these things away during your study time. If you have a hard time staying off social media while you study, leave your phone far from your study area. If you have to use a computer to complete your studying, try using an app that blocks social media web pages for an amount of time in order to complete your studying with minimal distractions.

Practice Healthy Habits

Practicing healthy habits will help you retain information better while studying. Be sure to get plenty of sleep as this helps your brain concentrate and retain information. Drinking plenty of water while studying will help you stay alert and focused. Eating healthy snacks and meals will also help you stay focused and will help your studying be much more effective.

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