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Create the Perfect Homework Area

The environment your child completes homework in can either aid in their learning or not be of much help. Creating the perfect study space where your child can concentrate and complete homework without distractions is the best option. The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park has some tips to help you build a distraction free homework zone in your home.

Choose the Right Space

Your child will most likely work better in an area that is quiet and that allows them to concentrate on their assignments. When deciding where to create the homework zone, consider leaving space between it and the kitchen and living room. These two spaces tend to have the most foot traffic and movement which can be distracting. Don't create your homework zone too far from everything, like in the basement, because your child might feel like they're being punished.

Keep It Free of Clutter

Give your child the responsibility of taking care of their homework zone. Ask your child to keep the area clean and free of clutter.  A messy work space can be distracting and not very conducive to getting work done. Encourage your child to keep it clean and help them keep their things organized.

Provide the Right Supplies

A homework area works best if it is stocked with all the supplies necessary to complete homework assignments. Your child should have enough pencils, erasers, markers, highlighters, paper, scissors, and tape handy. If your child doesn't have to get up to look for supplies they are less likely to get distracted and lose their focus.

Tutoring in Franklin Park

If your child needs extra academic help this school year, The Tutoring Center in Franklin Park is here to help. Out trained tutors and one-to-one approach will ensure your child gets the attention they need. Give us a call at (732) 419-3813 for more information about our academic programs or to schedule your free consultation.


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