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 The phrase “learning styles” refers to the different ways in which people process and understand the information around them. Needless to say, this can affect your child’s academic performance. This is why, if you’d like your child to succeed academically, the first step is to identify the type of learner they are, to later adapt their study sessions to it. If you’d like a bit of assistance in this department, continue reading!

How to Cater to Your Child's Learning Style

The Visual

This first type of learner is one that is affected the most by visual stimuli. This makes them notably good at remembering things they’ve read, movies they’ve watched, and people’s faces. Moreover, they’re also good at understanding space and color. For them, try:
  • Watching videos about the concepts that they should be studying.
  • Making a colorful diagram that helps them go over the information they should learn.

The Auditory

Like visual learners, auditory learners are more inclined to grasp information through one of their senses; in this case, their hearing. For them, memorizing song lyrics and conversations comes easily. This also allows them to be good with music and understanding rhythm. Cater to them by:
  • Having conversations with them about the lessons they need to comprehend.
  • Creating catchy songs that go over the different topics they are required to study.

The Kinesthetic

Lastly, there are kinesthetic learners. They use movement and their hands to assimilate information. For them, doing things is a much more effective learning method than reading or hearing about the lessons. If you have a kinesthetic learner at home, employ these methods:

  • Coming up with different experiments and activities that can help them learn.
  • Supplying different learning tools to them, for example, puzzles and flash cards.

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