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Studying and preparing for college entrance exams, like the ACTs and SATs, can be a long and sometimes difficult process. In order to completely ready yourself for the real test, it’s best to practice online, at home, and even at a tutoring center. With the resources available on the internet, disciplined students can benefit greatly learning about different test taking strategies and finding printable practice tests free online. Here are some pointers to maximize your college entrance exam practice tests, so you can ace it when it’s time for the real deal. 

The first thing to do is imitate the testing environment as best as possible. The ACT test is usually a four hour marathon session, early on a Saturday morning, at a local high school. It can be really hard to focus for the entire four hours, so prepare yourself to prevent careless mistakes. When you take a practice test, print it from the computer and take it as if it’s the real test. Do all your scratch work on the test paper, mark questions you don’t know or aren’t sure of so you can return to them, and eliminate the wrong answers by crossing them off. Likewise, you should handwrite your practice essays on a few pieces of loose paper, doing it on the computer is not a good idea.

Secondly, carefully time every section and record your times to compare with every practice test. Knowing which sections you need more time with can allow you to plan better and it could potentially make the difference in significant points. If you have extra time at the end of any session, be sure to use it wisely and go back to review your answers. It’s never a bad thing to double check.

Finally, review your answers and mistakes to understand why you missed that question. The point of practice tests is to familiarize you with the test, not necessarily the knowledge within the test. Therefore, if you don’t improve with every practice attempt, you aren’t helping yourself. Also, when the actual test gets near, it’s recommended that you take at least one practice test in a real-simulated testing environment. Many college prep courses and tutoring centers offer practice tests in a “classroom” setting. For college and ACT/ SAT prep in Franklin Park, NJ call the experts at The Tutoring Center of Franklin Park and they’ll take care of you! (732) 419-3813


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