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Writing longer assignments can be an intimidating task for your child, but it's important that they overcome this. Teach your child these tips from The Tutoring Center, Franklin Park, NJ to help them improve their writing skills.

Help Your Child Become a Better Writer

Writing assignments may be something your child avoids. Whether this is because they don't like to write or feel like they're no good at it, it's best to simply work on their writing skills so that these tasks become easy. To help your child conquer their writing assignments, use these tips.

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Start With the Basics

To ensure your child starts off on the right track, it's important to teach them the basics. By teaching them the writing basics you will ensure they have a strong foundation to build from. To start, have your child focus on writing complete sentences. Help them identify the components that make a complete sentence and those that make a run-on sentence so that they can avoid these. It's also important to focus on proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation so that they have a solid start. After this, teach them to write paragraphs that make sense. Separating their writing into paragraphs will give it more order and will make it easier to read. Teach them how to divide their ideas into paragraphs that will help their work flow better.

Plan Your Writing

Next, teach your child to plan their writing before putting pen to paper. They may be tempted to simply start writing a five-paragraph essay, but this can be tough to do without planning. Instead, have them start by brainstorming and throwing out ideas. They can then give these ideas more order and structure by putting them into an outline. This will be like the barebones structure of their essay divided into paragraphs. For the first paragraph, they will need to define their thesis. The next three paragraphs should each focus on one main idea each that strengthens their thesis. Finally, they should plan a conclusion paragraph to tie it all together. With this guide, it will be much easier to write an effective essay that proves their thesis.

Learn While Reading

Reading is a great way for your child to develop their writing skills. By reading different books, authors, and genres, your child will be exposed to new words, sentence structures, styles, plots, and characters, all of which can influence their writing. Make time to read daily so that they get this exposure. The more they read, the more they'll learn and use in their own development.

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Feedback Is Important

When your child writes something, whether it's an essay, a short, story, or a comic, it's a great idea to give them some solid feedback. It's quite common for written work to get a letter grade and some basic spelling or punctuation corrections, but not much more than that. This isn't super helpful, so it's important to be more specific. After reading your child's work, talk to them about what you enjoyed and where you see their growth. On top of that, point out areas where they can improve. Be specific here and give them pointers they can use in future writing.

Turn Writing Into a Ritual

Just like with any other skill, becoming a better writer takes practice. To ensure your child gets this practice, turn writing into a daily activity. Encourage your child to keep a journal where they can free-write daily just to get into the habit. They can also keep a blog and write new posts every day. This blog doesn't have to be public because it's just for them to practice their writing. It's also a good idea to create a ritual around this to get into the right mindset. Your child may meditate first, light a candle that helps them focus, and use the same writing nook so that they can be comfortable and stay focused.

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